Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Portrait

We have another portrait in process. The participant posts her ideas for altering this photograph below:

"For the top section of the picture, meant for religion, I know that I want just a couple of small lines of quote, either from quran or sayings of the prophet probably, that I would hope explain that everything I do, I try to do it for God. One saying from the prophet I'm especially looking at right now is

'I am Yours and Yours, alone.My prayer, my sacrifice are only for You.My life and death are Yours to take.A promise I make.To lay my life for You.An oath that I worship.No-one but You.' -Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)

I'd like for the religious section of the picture to look the most minimalistic. For the other two sectors, pakistan on the right and american on the left, I'd like for more of the cramped collage look. Both I think should have a mix of words and drawings that just describe those aspects of my life. For the pakistani section I think that most of the "drawings" will be the paisley design, which is a common theme in pakistani clothing, decorations, and weddings. For the american side, most of the drawings will be explanatory of my hobbies, such as a camera for photography, maybe a scuba diver :), and maybe a stick figure that's running for my cross country and track career. "

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