Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All that wander are not lost......

I took this photo after spending the day working on this project in Rocky Mount, NC.

From Rocky Mount to Greensboro to Fayetteville, I am traveling, meeting, and collaborating with Muslims for this project. I have sat for hours listening to the hardships and tragedies of a Palestinian born Muslim who is working hard to support and educate her children while dreaming of an education for herself. I am collaborating with a Muslim family who wishes to speak up for co-existence and justice. I am searching out Muslims serving in our military, serving in our state government, Shia Muslims, and Nation of Islam members. I am talking to professionals worried about the effect their participation might have on their work, I am learning of the deep worry and growing anger over Palestine, I am hearing time and again of cases of discrimination against Muslims at work, in public, and in schools. Soon, I will hold in my hand and photograph a holy book owned by one of the state's first Muslims- a slave who lived in the 1700's. What a journey of discovery. I cannot wait to share it the images and words of all these participants. Stay tuned!

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